Three Most Used Baby Items

As a new mom figuring out what your baby is going to need is so overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion of what you do and don’t need. I was very overwhelmed at times while registering. Thank goodness my husband is very decisive and would sometimes just say, “were going with this one.” haha It was actually quite helpful. But I do have a couple favorite items now that our baby is actually here. Number one would be the Dock-A-Tot.

Isn’t he just a little precious peach?! I just love him to pieces! To be honest, at first I thought they were just something to have to post a cute picture of your baby in it. But he actually spends a lot of time in it and loves being in it. A lot of times when he is fussy and I put him in there, it calms him down. I believe he feels soothed and snuggled in it. Such a great baby product! Second would be the MAM Pacifiers. They are by far his favorite pacis. They have saved it many of times from a all out melt down. Lastly, you’re going to need like 80 burp cloths it seems. We are always asking each other to get a burp cloth. They come in handy for many different baby clean ups lol. I love many other baby products, but these are just some practical favorites that come to mind. I sure hope you enjoyed this. Never be afraid to reach out with any other baby questions. I am new to it but sure learning a lot and enjoying every step!

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