My Top 5 Favorite Apps Right Now

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about my favorite/ most used iPhone apps. I’m the kind of person that has all my apps in folders of like categories. Call me crazy but that way they are easy to find when I need them! The folders are also arranged in alphabetical order. It really makes me feel like I have my life completely together.. HA.

I’ll get right to it then explain what I love about each one. My top 5 favorite apps right now are Instagram, Cozi, The Bump, Poshmark and Retail Me Not. I just love Instagram. I love taking photos, I love sharing memories, I love seeing what people are up to. My instagram is @mckebren – let’s connect!

Cozi is a calendar app that helps my husband and I stay on top of our family events. These are all free apps but are very useful. The Bump is my pregnancy tracking up. It gives me daily updates on our baby and how far along I am. Such a fun app for a mom-to-be! Poshmark is where I sell items in my closet I no longer want. I have found to have the best luck with shoes or name brand items though but once someone bought a toe ring from me so you never know what may sell! My posh account is also @mckebren – I don’t have too much on there right now but check back and I probably will! I do closet clean outs frequently!

Last but certainly not least is Retail Me Not. I really don’t know how this app is free. Basically, its a coupon app. You type in any store and it will show you any in-store or online coupons available for that store at the time. I have saved quite a bit of money using it. My husband now asks me to check it when he’s going to buy something and 9 times out of 10 there is something. You really should download it and happy shopping!

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this and will download these apps if they apply to you or you don’t already have them! Have a great rest of your day!!!

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