Nesting, Decluttering and Label Maker Obsession

Hello all! I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and am figuring out that “nesting” is actually a real thing. I always heard people talk about it and just took it with a grain of salt.. pshh, that won’t be me. Oh, but it is! And I love it! I feel no shame in wanting our home to be as ready as it can be for baby. Like Marie Kondo, I only keep the items that spark joy still. My other tactic is having bins/ containers for the items to be stored/ organized in then I label it. I’ll show you some photos of some of the tidying up projects I’ve been working on.

This was my closet before…
This is my closet now 🙂 I took everything out. I decided what sparked joy and what didn’t any more. Then I grouped them into like categories and color coordinated them. Now when I put away clean clothes, I just look for the section and color.. and it actually stays organized! YAY

This was our linen closet before^ ^This is our linen closet now 🙂

Next up…shoes. This one was almost embarrassing but to see them all laid out really helped me to narrow it down.
This is what I was left with! It was hard to do but you can’t keep shoes you never wear!

Organizing and decluttering brings me joy and is a stress reliever for me! People have asked me how do you have time for that? I just make time for the things that bring me joy! 🙂 If you think its so satisfying to look at before and after photos for a space like me, leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you! Have a great rest of your day and thanks for reading!

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