9 Pregnancy Must-haves

Hello All! If you’re reading this blog, thanks. You’re awesome. Today I’ll be discussing all of the pregnancy essentials I have found very comforting or necessary while being pregnant. Number one on my list would be a pregnancy pillow. I don’t think I’d be able to sleep without mine. It supports my neck, head, hips, legs and belly. It’s like sleeping in a cozy hug all night. They are amazing! There are so many different types out there but I got mine on Amazon, where I basically get everything.

Next would be a bump support pillow. My pregnancy pillow is shaped like a “C” so when I flip to the side that is open my bump doesn’t feel as supported so I throw my handy dandy bump support pillow under it. I travel with both of those pillows. They have become a part of me lol. My husband says that sometimes it feel like a barricade between us and he can’t wait until I can sleep with just a normal pillow again so we can snuggle more. He’s so cute. 🙂

I also would say a must-have is Motherhood maternity leggings. They are by far my favorite. I have like 5 black pairs and 2 navy and get so sad when none of clean. Another crucial item is slip on comfortable walking shoes. I found a pair I love on amazon (shocker) by the brand “Lancrop.” They are called “Women’s Comfortable Walking Shoes – Lightweight Mesh Slip On Athletic Sneakers.” They have been awesome for me! They are comfy all day long. They also come in 26 colors but mine are black/white. Next on my list of essentials is slippers. Just any pair. Your feet get swollen and slippers are so nice for around the house.

Next up is my personal favorite… loose comfy pajamas. I am all about comfort. They are so necessary with an expanding body and bump. Also the book, ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting,’ is a great resource to have on deck. Another one is tummy butter. My belly gets so itchy so it feels so much better and moisturized when I use some. Last but not least is pregnancy safe products such as lotions, shower items, cleaners, etc. I like to know what is in the products I’m using around my home and on my skin. Some of my favorite brands are Native, Mrs. Meyer’s, Noodle & Boo and Hello Bello.

Another last tip I guess is just try not to google too much. Google is great is sometimes with pregnancy it can really worry you more than you need. You already have enough on your plate! I hope this post was helpful or at least somewhat fun to read. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

My Top 5 Favorite Apps Right Now

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about my favorite/ most used iPhone apps. I’m the kind of person that has all my apps in folders of like categories. Call me crazy but that way they are easy to find when I need them! The folders are also arranged in alphabetical order. It really makes me feel like I have my life completely together.. HA.

I’ll get right to it then explain what I love about each one. My top 5 favorite apps right now are Instagram, Cozi, The Bump, Poshmark and Retail Me Not. I just love Instagram. I love taking photos, I love sharing memories, I love seeing what people are up to. My instagram is @mckebren – let’s connect!

Cozi is a calendar app that helps my husband and I stay on top of our family events. These are all free apps but are very useful. The Bump is my pregnancy tracking up. It gives me daily updates on our baby and how far along I am. Such a fun app for a mom-to-be! Poshmark is where I sell items in my closet I no longer want. I have found to have the best luck with shoes or name brand items though but once someone bought a toe ring from me so you never know what may sell! My posh account is also @mckebren – I don’t have too much on there right now but check back and I probably will! I do closet clean outs frequently!

Last but certainly not least is Retail Me Not. I really don’t know how this app is free. Basically, its a coupon app. You type in any store and it will show you any in-store or online coupons available for that store at the time. I have saved quite a bit of money using it. My husband now asks me to check it when he’s going to buy something and 9 times out of 10 there is something. You really should download it and happy shopping!

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this and will download these apps if they apply to you or you don’t already have them! Have a great rest of your day!!!

Nesting, Decluttering and Label Maker Obsession

Hello all! I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and am figuring out that “nesting” is actually a real thing. I always heard people talk about it and just took it with a grain of salt.. pshh, that won’t be me. Oh, but it is! And I love it! I feel no shame in wanting our home to be as ready as it can be for baby. Like Marie Kondo, I only keep the items that spark joy still. My other tactic is having bins/ containers for the items to be stored/ organized in then I label it. I’ll show you some photos of some of the tidying up projects I’ve been working on.

This was my closet before…
This is my closet now 🙂 I took everything out. I decided what sparked joy and what didn’t any more. Then I grouped them into like categories and color coordinated them. Now when I put away clean clothes, I just look for the section and color.. and it actually stays organized! YAY

This was our linen closet before^ ^This is our linen closet now 🙂

Next up…shoes. This one was almost embarrassing but to see them all laid out really helped me to narrow it down.
This is what I was left with! It was hard to do but you can’t keep shoes you never wear!

Organizing and decluttering brings me joy and is a stress reliever for me! People have asked me how do you have time for that? I just make time for the things that bring me joy! 🙂 If you think its so satisfying to look at before and after photos for a space like me, leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you! Have a great rest of your day and thanks for reading!